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Sliding Windows

PAKSCO's Sliding Windows redefine versatility with a range of product types, including 2 track, 2 1/2 track, and three-track configurations. Crafted with precision at our cutting-edge facility in Hyderabad, these windows exemplify our commitment to innovation and design excellence.

  1. 2 Track Sliding Windows: Ideal for spaces where simplicity meets functionality, PAKSCO's 2 track sliding windows provide a seamless glide with two tracks for smooth operation. These windows are perfect for those seeking a modern, unobtrusive solution that maximizes natural light and ventilation.
  2. 2 1/2 Track Sliding Windows: For those who desire enhanced flexibility, PAKSCO offers the 2 1/2 track sliding windows with the added feature of bug screens. This design allows for partial opening while maintaining a secure barrier. It's an excellent choice for spaces where controlled ventilation is key without compromising on the sleek aesthetic. The bug screens ensure that you can enjoy the fresh air without the nuisance of insects infiltrating your space.
  3. Three-Track Sliding Windows: PAKSCO's three-track sliding windows, now with bug screens, offer exceptional versatility. These windows, featuring three tracks, provide multiple opening options, ideal for controlling airflow and outdoor access in larger spaces. The bug screens ensure a bug-free environment while enjoying the benefits of open windows. Built with premium UPVC profiles, known for width and durability, these windows promise effortless operation and a sophisticated living or working experience. Experience precision and choice with PAKSCO's Sliding Windows for a tailored solution.
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