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Lift and Slide Doors

Introducing PAKSCO's Lift and Slide UPVC doors, a pinnacle of innovation and design within our comprehensive range of green building materials. Meticulously crafted at our cutting-edge production unit in Hyderabad, these doors exemplify elegance, strength, and superior performance. PAKSCO's commitment to providing world-class products is evident in the precision engineering of our Lift and Slide UPVC doors.

PAKSCO's UPVC profiles ensure durability against weather and wind loads.

  • The Lift and Slide mechanism offers effortless functionality and modern aesthetics.
  • Ideal for wider openings, it seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor areas.
  • PAKSCO sets industry benchmarks, enhancing living spaces with quality products.
  • Elevate spaces with PAKSCO's Lift and Slide UPVC doors.
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