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Sliding Doors

Introducing PAKSCO's Sliding UPVC doors, a seamless fusion of modern design and practical functionality within our extensive portfolio of green building materials. Expertly manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad, these doors embody the pinnacle of precision engineering and contemporary style.

PAKSCO's Sliding UPVC doors, known for their wide, stable, and durable profiles, ensure seamless operation and space optimization. These doors not only elevate aesthetics but also prioritize environmental sustainability, offering enduring elegance and weather resistance. Customizable to match diverse architectural styles, they add sophistication to both residential and commercial spaces, setting a new benchmark for quality, performance, and style in the industry.

Unique Attributes of Sliding Doors:

  • Available in diverse design track combinations.
  • Option to include Bug Screen provision.
  • Enhanced security through Special Interlocking & Multipoint Locking.
  • Capable of accommodating glass up to 21 mm for improved insulation.
  • Choice of concealed threshold for added aesthetic appeal.
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