Product Features :


Attractive Designs and colours to suit your needs

Eco Friendly:

UPVC profiles are 100% cyclable

Weather Resistant :

Special Additives ensures UV Resistance.

Fire Retardant :

Self Extinguishing confforms to Britsh & DIN standsrds.

Chemical Resistant:

UPVC Profiles resistant to Acids and Alkali.

Wind Resistant :

UPVC Profiles resistant to any wether conditions

Low Thermal Expansion:

UPVC Profiles can withstand extreme temperature also.

Corrosion Resistant:

UPVC Profiles resustant to Marine & Tropical climate

Impact Resistant:

Impact modifiers ensures strength & Durability.

Heat Insulation:

Low thermal conductivity reduces loss of energy.

Maintenance free :

Mild detergent cleansing will preserve, pristine look.

Sound Insulation :

Multi chambered profile with TPE Gaskets cuts out sound.


Properties Steel Aluminium Wood Upvc
Installations Poor Fair Fair Easy & Excellent
Maintenance Painting Power Coating Painting/ Polishing No Painting Required
Aesthetics Poor Poor Good Modern & Elegant
Durability Fair Fair Warpage / Shrinkage Excellent long life
Thermal Conductivity High High Fair Zero Conductivity
Sound Poor Poor Poor Sound Proof
Chemical Resistant Corrodes Corrodes Rots No Effect
Cost Fair Fair Expensive Affordable in Long term
Safty Good Fair Poor Excellent
Strength Good Fair Good Reinforcement available due to Multi - Chambers/td>