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WPC Frames: How Good Are They In Comparison With uPVC?

With the ample of variety of door frames sprawling in the market, making a choice has become difficult and lands a thinker in confusion very often. Here are few features listed which would ease up the process of selection of right material for glazing. WPC door frames are the most preferred and had created a buzz in the market since their introduction. Here are few features of WPC door frames in comparison with UPVC door frames.

  1. Strength

Unlike UPVC frames WPC door frames are solid, compact and weigh more because of their composite structure, it is this compactness of the structure that facilitates strength and durability. The composition includes reclaimed wood and recycled polymer based products, sometimes reinforced with steel and aluminum for added strength.

  1. Wide range of varieties

WPC profiles are available in wide range of colors and surface finish, few bear the look and feel of a wooden door whereas UPVC windows & door frame come in monotonous colors which do not go well with the home’s interiors generally. Walnut brown and beige color, constitute a decent color overlay and would impart a plushy look to the interiors & exteriors.

  1. Flexible to Install

WPC doors go great both interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial complex because they are classy, reliable and secure due to their immense strength unlike UPVC

  1. Pricing

UPVC windows & door frame are expensive than the WPC door frames, so if you are thinking to cut the cost and reap more benefits WPC door frames would be an ideal choice In addition to it they are available in a range of sizes, which serves as a cherry on top and makes it more suitable choice for residential and commercial projects.


WPC door frames are the best choice in all respects when compared to UPVC

Here are the Technical attributes

1) They are Waterproof, there’s no chance for the lashing rain to seep into the living space through windows.

2) They are Fire Retardant, the composite structure and the material employed in manufacturing makes it complete foolproof.

3) There is 0% possibility of health hazards or any kind of risk to life, the composition is Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly.

4) Unlike Wooden Doors or frames, they don’t get attacked by termites, pests also they don’t rot.

5) These doors have high strength to weight ratio, meaning magnitude of strength for a particular weight of WPC door frame is superior than any other Frames available. It is this quality of WPC which makes it the foremost choice for architects, builders.


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