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WPC Composites The New Trend

Wood has been the traditional choice for doors and windows, with the new generation sticking on to the “Go green” trend, which is very vital for to promote sustainable existence of human kind, there had been advancements in the material preferred for glazing.

WPC composite, a modern alternative to the traditional wood has been a hit in the market, credits to its best features, they require less maintenance as it does not require staining, they are rot and splinter free, they provide good insulation, what makes them special is they come in a variety of colors with manufacturers warranties a bonus which may not be guaranteed with any other material of choice. WPC is manufactured from reclaimed wood and recycled polymer based products, which makes them environmentally friendly and prevent filling up of land-fills.

Composite doors pose the best qualities of wood and uPVC  which give an edge in their aesthetic, insulation and security features over other materials. A typical composite door is engineered with a uPVC frame which is reinforced with an stronger material like steel or aluminum rods to improve the security and resistivity to harsh weather conditions. If one wishes to have the composite doors to look and feel like wood, then coating with a reinforced plastic would do, the frame of a composite door can also be steel reinforced, these doors do not dent or disfigure easily.

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Speaking about the durability of the composite doors, the level is very high when compared to other kinds of doors, because Composite doors are engineered using more than material, based on the kind of property desired the material are chosen accordingly. There are several valid reasons as to why you need to consider a composite door for your home or workplace.

Here are the benefits that you could reap out by installing composite doors

  • They are Strong and durable compared to doors manufactured using PVC or Wood.
  • They are resistant to weather conditions, and are difficult to distort.
  • They help in reducing your bills because they act as perfect heat insulators.
  • Their immense strength makes it impossible to the burglars to break in to the house.

These doors are little expensive than other door, but they render service to the price paid, they require less maintenance, look better  and last longer.

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