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Why Wood is Preferred to Manufacture Doors?

Wood has been the traditional choice of material for doors since they were first invented. Though various materials have been used to craft doors but wood has its own advantages and still remains the material of choice when it comes to doors because it is sustainable, can be easily engineered into shapes. Here are the pros of selecting wooden doors

Aesthetics: The charm of wood had been captivating humankind since time immemorial. Frames made of wood actually suit a variety of home styles and different types of architecture, from modern construction to the antiques. There are several types of wood available to choose from, the best and mostly preferred are oak, mahogany, timber, maple.

Durability: Wooden doors are durable, the durability is ensured by treating the wood during the manufacturing stage. They last for decades and remain in a good condition due to their natural strength. Problems associated with wood such as rotting, cracking, splintering, vulnerability to termite infestation, etc. are taken care by seasoning the wood, subjecting to prophylactic treatment and eventually makes the door durable.

Insulating Properties: Wood is popularly known to be an electrical insulator, it very well serves as a heat insulator too, places with cold climates, the temperature of the room can be regulated and wooden doors insulation has proven to be significant. Consequently, wooden doors and fixtures of any sort help retain the heat in one’s home, thereby reducing the carbon emissions in the household!

Weather compatibility: Unlike metallic doors wooden doors do not undergo corrosion and are also sturdy to airy and windy conditions. Wood can naturally regulate humidity it absorbs moisture in damp conditions and releases moisture in dry conditions.

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Flexibility: Wood can be customized, shaped, resized, engineered to several profiles and offers a lot of flexibility in manufacturing. Wood also complies well in combination with other materials like metal hinges, knobs, rivets, screws, glass.

Health Safety : Wood being a gift to mankind, a natural resource, would not pose any unprecedented hazards over health and surroundings.

Quality: There are several varieties of wood used to craft doors, Each variety have its own significance and promises a quality standard, few types cost you a lot because of their less abundance. The wooden door manufacturing process is not complex and takes less time to manufacture therefore the cost of this material is quite reasonable.

Strength: Wooden doors not only add to aesthetics they are also meant to protect your home, especially from intruders and stray animals. They can also prevent harmful elements such as strong wind, snow, and rain from getting into your house. Wooden doors are reliable, durable and sustainable.

Wooden doors come in many types and veneers, if you are looking to adorn your living space with the classic wooden door touch up that are durable and strong, here at Paksco we engineer wooden doors employing integrated sophisticated technology. For more information visit Paksco.in – Best Wooden Doors Manufacturers in Hyderabad

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