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Types of Wooden Doors: Dealers in Hyderabad

Doors very often are opted to provide security to the house but the catch is they very well reflect the beauty of the house. Compromising on the door quality implies compromising your reputation. It is important to glaze houses with good quality and durable doors to adorn externally and also internally. With the range of choices available in the market, it is pretty difficult to understand and choose the best model for glazing. To make the process easy to you, here are the accounts of various doors available in the market.

Improving the style of homes and also to add a touch of class is something what everybody craves for, there are many possibilities to achieve this feat but one of the most impactful alterations is inclusion of assorted types of wooden doors throughout your home.

Moulded Panelled doors

These doors ooze quality and their solid hardwood construction implies that they require proper maintenance to last for a life time. The designs of these doors would certainly compliment the style of your house, which of course wouldn’t be the case with plastic. They can also be painted to complement your design scheme or stained in the various wood colors.

There are the three types of solid wood doors that can create a dramatic difference to the look and efficiency of your property.

Paksco, one of the leading suppliers of wooden doors in Hyderabad supplies highest possible quality offering wide range of core material which are fortified, chemically treated & bonded with requisite additives.

Veneered Panel Doors

A Veneer is a decorative film of fine wood applied to a coarser wood for smooth and glossy surface finish. Veneered doors require less timber to manufacture which makes them environmental friendly, as the fact that veneers are drawn out from the wood provides scope for wide variety of veneered doors. They serve the best choice if you are keen to impart a plush or classy look to your home, furniture.

Paksco is a dealer & supplier of Veener Panel Doors in Hyderabad, These doors are manufactured from imported skin which is specially designed to suit the Indian climate. They environment friendly doors act as an alternative to panel doors. They are easy to install, require low maintenance, last for longer time.

Paksco – Top Wooden Doors Suppliers in Hyderabad

Membrane Doors

These doors are have membranes pressed with superior quality veneer and have profiled edges. These doors are used for kitchen cabinet doors and are available in range of colors & texture prints.

Paksco, with superior quality of membrane doors is a popular dealer and supplier of wooden doors in Hyderabad. Soild flush doors are overlaid with imported PVC membrane film of elegant shades. These doors are easy to maintain as they do not require polishing or painting.

Laminate Doors

Laminates are thin layers of plastic and paper pressed together, they are processed using artificial materials. The upper most layer is printed with decorative material which complements the beauty of the doors.

Paksco, presents a whole new series of laminated doors which are made of timber core and undergo various chemical treatments. Paksco is one of the prominent dealers of branded laminates which are overlaid on this finish doors with effective mechanical pressure and bonding at ambient temperature to retain the textures of laminates.

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